Google chose Sarasota as the Sunshine state’s leading E-city this year.Based on research conducted by Google and a research firm, small businesses i...
The Florida governor’s election between former Gov. Charlie Crist and incumbent Gov. Rick Scott is essentially tied, according to a new poll from th...
One of the big local issues being voted on in the upcoming election is Greenlight Pinellas -- which would replace a property tax funding public transp...
The Poynter Institute in St. Petersburg will host a group of African journalists after their original hosts, the University of South Florida St....
The race between Republican Gov. Rick Scott and Republican-turned-Democrat former Gov. Charlie Crist is a dead heat with two weeks left.That's accordi...
This weekend, concert goers can get better acquainted with the new Florida Orchestra Music Director Michael Francis. This will be the first time he'll...

Multimedia Slideshows

FL Wildlife Corridor Expedition
Four explorers spent 100 days walking and kayaking the length of Florida, from the tip of the Everglades to the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia. The mission – to publicize the need to connect the state’s remaining wild areas.

Florida Matters

Florida's candidates for attorney general met for their first and only debate earlier this month. Incumbent Republican Pam Bondi, Democratic challenger George Sheldon and Libertarian candidate Bill Wohlsifer met in the studios...


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University Beat

Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading (courtesy USF St. Petersburg News)

The 22nd Annual Tampa Bay Times Festival of Reading is this Saturday on the USF St. Petersburg campus. This week’s University Beat on WUSF 89.7 will talk with three authors with ties to the University of South Florida who will be presenting their latest...

Veteran Gordon "Skip" Beadle tests out the CAREN Simulator

It’s a million dollar-plus, state-of-the-art virtual reality simulator that’s bringing together University of South Florida engineers and health practitioners to assist those with reduced motor skills. We'll introduce you to...


Jazz Updates

Wallace Roney
In the late 1960s, saxophonist Wayne Shorter wrote a number of large ensemble works for his employer at the time, trumpeter Miles Davis. They were never recorded, and eventually forgotten.
This Sunday's Piano Jazz is a show from 1999, recorded before a live audience at the Museum of Television and Radio in New York, with Marian welcoming vocalist Cassandra Wilson.
After 20 years of bringing us great performances from stages around the nation, JazzSet is closing up shop after this week.

Classical Notes

Live Performance at the Sarasota studio: The Perlman Music Program - pianist Michael Bukhman
The Perlman Music Program/ Suncoast has alumni coming to Sarasota to perform for local schools as part of their Education Outreach Program, but they’re going to stop by our Sarasota Broadcast and...
Masters And Disasters: The Met Opera Quiz
At the Metropolitan Opera, drama is usually onstage. But for the past several months, it's been in the newspapers. Now that the embattled Metropolitan Opera has surmounted most of its labor squabbles...

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