Shirley Shultz

Shirley Schultz
Media Sales Assistant
Q: What was your first job at WUSF and what did you do for the station?
A: I worked in the Radio Reading Service helping the volunteers and reading whenever necessary.  One of the volunteers worked with Southeast Dogs and was training an Aussie.  The Aussie flunked out, and she’s now a couch potato at my house.  Aussies are very smart!
Q: How long ago was that?
A: I think about 10-12 years ago.
Q: Are you still doing the same job, or something different?
A: I’m in the Media Sales department as an assistant.
Q: If you had to select one program you’d like to keep on the air for the next 50 years – what would it be?
A: Antiques Roadshow.  At my age, I can identify with them.
Q: When / how did you first learn about public radio?
A: Found it when I worked for a rival PBS station.
Q: Which public broadcasting personality would you like to invite to a dinner party and what is the first question you would ask them?
A: Cokie Roberts and I would ask her if she is allergic to anything.
Q: What makes you look forward to coming into work every day?
A: Ahhhh … the staff.  This is the greatest group of people to spend a day with.  They’re funny, hardworking, knowledgeable and always ready to help.

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