Yoselis Ramos

Yoselis Ramos
Assistant Reporter for WUSF 89.7 News
Q: What is your role at WUSF Public Media?
A: My first and current job is a news reporter assistant. My main responsibility is to do daily "spot" news for our anchors' news breaks. I look through the newspapers and our futures file for news going on that day. I make the calls or do the interviews in person. I produce a 60 second spot for the anchors and write up an online version for the web. I also do feature stories which are usually four minutes in length and do a few secretarial duties.  I'm now getting to produce our half-hour Florida Matters show.
Q: If you had to select one program you’d like to keep on the air for the next 50 years – what would it be?
A: Marketplace. Kai Ryssdal is so conversational. It's like you're listening to a friend talk about economic issues. It's all at an understandable level and some of the angles on the stories are so out of this world! Who would have thought? It's entertaining and educational. I couldn't ask for more.
Q: When did you first learn about public radio?
A: My old high school teacher and I went out to lunch together and she had NPR on the radio on our way to the restaurant. I think the show playing was This American Life. "Talk radio..?" I thought to myself. I kept listening, "This is actually interesting!"
Q: Which public broadcasting personality would you like to invite to a dinner party?  What’s the first question you’d ask him or her?
A: Mid-day newscaster Lakshmi Singh. And the question would be “How did your parents come up with this beautiful and exotic name?”
Q: What makes you look forward to coming into work every day?
A: My wonderful coworkers hands down! Coming to work with such amazing and diverse personalities is what makes my day every day! These guys feel like family. When I'm coming into work, it feels like I haven't left home. They are very supportive and some of the most amazing journalists.

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