5 Sure Signs you are Looking Frumpy after 40

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Do you look in the mirror and Feel like a Frump because you know that you’ve let yourself go. Trying to pinpoint exactly what it is that’s making you look so old so you can finally do something about it? Then read on to discover 5 Sure Signs you are Looking Frumpy after 40:

1.         You look like you are wearing a Tent

Want to hide that midlife flab. Then don’t cover up! Baggy clothes that hide your entire body make you look old and matronly. Show off the parts of your body you still like (for: example your bust) and cover up only the parts you don’t (your hips). Don’t use oversized clothes as a gigantic blanket to hide behind. Switch to more fitted clothing that is not tight but skims your curves and shows off you do have some shape.

2.         Your teeth as yellow as Corn

Stained or yellow teeth are a telltale sign of age despite how great you may look otherwise. Flash others a set of shiny white teeth and knock ten years off. These days it’s easy with at home whiteners or dentist laser treatments that restore sex appeal.

3.         Your Glasses make you Look Geeky

Still wearing those hokey glasses you bought ten years ago? Time for an update. The trend now- buy at least two pairs---one that is dressy and one that is casual and fun and switch them around to look modern and fashionable. Be sure to take a stylish friend along with you when you make your choice. It’s easy to get stuck in an eyeglass rut and end up buying much the same thing you had before.

4.          Your Breasts are Headed South

If your breasts are heading south it’s time to perk them up with a good supporting bra. The older we get the more this is to help hold everything that’s fallen in place.

Hike up the gals so that they sit halfway between your shoulder and your elbow and you’ll start looking vibrant and sexy again.


5.          You have Scary Lips

Halloween is over! If you are starting to look like Cruella Deville ditch the dark corpse like lips which are too strong a contrast to aging skin and hair and try wearing soft natural shades of lipstick in pinks and peaches. And as for those boldy lined lips that make you look like a vampire- when were those EVER in? When you walk in a room you want people to think how beautiful your face looks, not how hideous your lips look.

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