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In November, Hillsborough County saw an increase in bed tax revenue--a five percent tax on hotel and resort stays. Nearly $2.5 million in bed taxes were collected last month.


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Florida Matters

Florida Matters Re-broadcast: Growing Up Jewish In Polk County
WUSF’s Robin Sussingham recently hosted “Our Jewish Communion: Religious Identity and Growing Up Jewish in Polk County” at Florida Southern College in Lakeland to discuss what it was like to come of age in a predominantly... more...

Classical WSMR

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: Piano Concerto No. 21 in C, K 467
Program: Evening Masterwork
Mozart’s keyboard concertos are the most personal of his works: many of them were composed as a way of showcasing the composer’s own piano playing in public performances. The Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major is probably Mozart’s most famous piano concerto, but that isn’t due to anything that happened in the composer’s lifetime: in 1967, the slow movement was used extensively in the sound track of...more...

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University Beat

Episode 210: This week on University Beat, we’ll show you how trees uprooted for a St. Pete campus project are being put to good use. We’ll also look into how a Trump administration could impact public health priorities; and we’ll tell you about a program that gives students a second chance at... more...

All Night Jazz

Jimmy Smith
Program: All Night Jazz
Tonight on All Night Jazz, Mike Cornette will commemorate the 91st  anniversary of the birth of organ legend Jimmy Smith. Plus we’ll spend a December night by the fireside on our Jazz Trip@Ten. Then, later, at midnight it’s our 12 O’clock-tail: another version of Billy Strayhorn’s classic composition “Lush Life.” The adventure begins tonight at 9 on WUSF 89.7.   more...

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Health News Florida PriceCheck

Health News Florida PriceCheck

Health News Florida, WLRN and WUSF have launched PriceCheck, a reporting project aimed at bringing clarity to the cost of health care in Florida. Check Now.

Health News Florida: Journalism for a Healthy State

Health News Florida

Health News Florida is the only news publication dedicated to covering health issues in the nation’s third largest state. We hold health care policy makers, powerbrokers and practitioners accountable.

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