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WUSF Public Media is Making Exciting New Changes to its Radio Programming and Adding 103.9 FM to the Tampa Area!
Our new Sarasota station, WSMR 89.1, will provide the community with its only fulltime classical music station and WUSF 89.7 will broadcast a news and information format with all night jazz. These changes will take place on September 15 - only a few short weeks away!

A few of the new programs you'll hear on WUSF 89.7 are The Diane Rehm Show, Fresh Air and Talk of the Nation. We are especially pleased to bring you Bob Seymour and great jazz an hour earlier each weeknight at 9:00 PM. View the complete schedule and program descriptions.

And you'll still have Russell Gant, Bethany Cagle and Coleen Cook on WSMR 89.1 to share the wonders of classical music with you 7 days a week. We've also added Performance Today and From the Top to our line-up. View the complete schedule and program descriptions.

If you listen to classical music in north Tampa and Pasco County, we are adding another station for you to tune in classical music. WSMR programming will be available on 103.9 FM in Tampa by the end of September. See the coverage map to see the communities reached by this new signal.
St. Petersburg PierThis Week on Florida Matters:
"The Pier's Future"
The St. Petersburg City Council has indicated it supports a plan to tear down the city's inverted pyramid pier. What could take its place? And what has been the pier's impact on St. Petersburg? Tuesday, August 31 at 6:30 PM on WUSF 89.7.

Listen to Florida Matters or Visit the audio archives.
NPR Continues its Coverage of the Gulf Coast on the 5th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina Making Landfall
Scott SimonOn Weekend Edition Saturday, host Scott Simon and senior producer Peter Breslow return to Bay St. Louis, Mississippi, which they visited a month after the eye of Hurricane Katrina passed over the town, to find out how the town and the people they profiled five years ago are faring today. LISTEN: Saturday, August 28 at 8:00 AM on WUSF 89.7.

Audie CornishOn All Things Considered this weekend, guest host Audie Cornish will chart the entrepreneurial boom in the Big Easy, ride along with members of the still embattled New Orleans Police Department she first met five years ago, and get a tour of the ever-fertile music scene from community radio deejay David Kunian. LISTEN: Saturday, August 28 and Sunday, August 29 at 5:00 PM on WUSF 89.7.
Ira GlassThis American Life "American Limbo"
This episode shares stories of people living completely outside the grid of American life: Americans in Paris, Chinese in America, West Virginians in treehouses and Mexican-Americans in Rochester.

LISTEN: Saturday, August 28 at 8:00 PM on WUSF 89.7.
Saturday Night Jazz — Bird at 90: The Music of Charlie Parker
Charlie Parker Charlie Parker's unrivaled virtuosity and innovative ideas helped usher in modern jazz in the 1940's. Known by all as Bird, he was born 90 years ago this weekend. Join us for a celebratory Saturday Night Jazz with Bob Seymour, with Parker's brilliant playing, his songs as done by others, and a rarely heard 1953 interview with fellow saxophonist Paul Desmond. more jazz...

LISTEN: Saturday, August 28 at 10:00 PM on WUSF 89.7.
Maria HinojosaLatino USA
Latino influences and contradictions continue to have an increasingly important impact on the evolving identity, life and reality of the U.S. Latino USA acts as a forum for connections and reflects the experience of a changing population from a Latino viewpoint. Maria Hinojosa, urban affairs correspondent for CNN, author of Raising Raul and frequent lecturer hosts this forum.

LISTEN: Sunday, August 29 at 7:00 AM on WUSF 89.7².
SymphonyCast Nestled along a crystalline lake in the Swiss mountains, the Lucerne Festival draws top-shelf artists and passionate music lovers from all over Europe. Listen as the Mahler Chamber Orchestra plays music by Fauré, and Ravel's Mother Goose Suite. more...

LISTEN: Sunday, August 29 at 7:00 PM on WUSF 89.7.
Flooded New OrleansNOVA "Storm That Drowned A City"
NOVA presents a minute-by-minute eyewitness account of the Hurricane Katrina disaster. The program will investigate the immense challenges posed by rebuilding New Orleans, and why — despite all the knowledge of the peril faced by its citizens — the city was so tragically unprepared when the long feared disaster finally struck. more WUSF TV programs...

WATCH: Sunday, August 29 at 8:00 PM on WUSF TV.
Still Waiting: Life After Katrina
Aerial View of Hurricane Katrina destruction This program draws you into the painful and uplifting story of one post-Katrina African American/Creole family and the bayou culture they cannot give up. As the story of their evacuation to Dallas gives way to the story of their return to their small bayou community, unexpected difficulties compromise the experience of home as they knew it. more WUSF TV programs...

WATCH: Sunday, August 29 at 9:00 PM on WUSF TV.
Antonin DvorakOur First Choice
Czech composer Antonin Dvoƙák came to New York in 1892 to teach and conduct for three years. He was homesick for Bohemia but inspired by his American experience, he began sketching a new symphony that was destined to be his most enduring work. The Symphony in E minor, "New World Symphony" is one of the best known and loved pieces of classical music ever written.

LISTEN: Monday, August 30 at 7:00 PM on WUSF 89.7.
Hong Kong at nightRichard Bangs' Adventures with Purpose "Hong Kong: Quest for the Dragon"
Richard Bangs ventures into the heart of Hong Kong to discover what forces drive a city in which the spiritual concept of chi and the worldly concept of wealth coexist. Bangs begins by taking in one of the most dazzling festivals on earth, Chinese New year. Then, he wanders beneath the skyscrapers of Central District, meanders down the alleys of Western District and ferries across the harbor to Kowloon. more WUSF TV programs... Photo Credits: cblee's Flickr Album

WATCH: Monday, August 30 at 10:00 PM on WUSF TV.
Sphinx and Great Pyramid at GizaLost Treasures of the Ancient World "The Pyramids:
Jewels of the Nile"

Thousands of years have passed since the Egyptian Pharaohs of antiquity built the spectacular tombs which are known to history as the Great Pyramids. Yet time has not dimmed their magnificence; even today, visitors from all over the world are awe-struck by their power, fascinated by their history, and excited by the air of mystery which surrounds these unique monuments. more WUSF TV programs...

WATCH: Wednesday, September 1 at 10:00 PM on WUSF TV.
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Goldwater Scholarship winners Juan Baso and Amber Schmidt USF Goldwater Scholarship winners Juan Baso &
Amber Schmidt
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Scott Tries for Unity as McCollum Refuses to Help
By any estimation, the battle for the Republican gubernatorial nomination has been a bloody cagematch... read more...

Negative Ads Turn Off These Voters
Campaign ads are filling mailboxes and blanketing the airwaves as candidates or their surrogates argue for voters' support... read more...

Despite Oil Spill, More Tourists Visiting Florida
It's been assumed that oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill would scare away tourists. But Florida is reporting increased tourism during the oil spill... read more...
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