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Burt Wolf on WUSF TV and Maya Angelou on WUSF 89.7

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Philippe QuintLive Performance
Violinist Philippe Quint
Join Bethany Cagle for some live music this Friday! Violinist Philippe Quint is in town to play the Barber Violin Concerto with the Sarasota Orchestra this weekend. But first he’s going to pay a visit to our Sarasota Performance and Broadcast Studio to play for you live on the radio! Philippe will play some Bach as well as some of his own music from a film called “Downtown Express”…a movie he acted in! more classical music... 

LISTEN: Friday, February 1 at 2:00 PM on WSMR 89.1 and 103.9

Three Minute Fiction on All Things Considered, WeekendWeekend All Things Considered
Three Minute Fiction is Back!
It's time for Round 10 of Three Minute Fiction, NPR's writing contest where listeners send in original short stories that can be read in three minutes or less, no more than 600 words. The judge is novelist Mona Simpson ("Anywhere But Here") and her challenge is: write a story in the form of a voicemail message. Three Minute Fiction's curator, Guy Raz, talks with Simpson about what listeners and aspiring writers can expect.

LISTEN: Saturday, February 2 and Sunday, February 3 at at 5:00 PM on WUSF 89.7
Death in Paradise Death in Paradise
A confession of murder proves problematic for DI Richard Poole and the team when a wife admits to killing her husband but the body is nowhere to be found. Can Richard solve the mystery? And could his feelings be clouding his judgment? more WUSF TV Programs...

WATCH: Saturday, February 2 at 8:00 PM on WUSF TV

Stan Getz Saturday Night Jazz with Bob Seymour
“The Sound” — Spotlight on Stan Getz
Stan Getz had a warm, lyrical sound combined with technical mastery of the saxophone that set his playing apart throughout his long career. We celebrate Stan Getz on his birthday this Saturday, with a wide sampling of his playing, from the Woody Herman feature ‘Early Autumn’ to the bossa nova… and from an adventurous piece with string orchestra to his brilliant final duets with Kenny Barron. more jazz...

LISTEN: Saturday, February 2 at 10:00 PM on WUSF 89.7
From the Top at the Sarasota Opera HouseFrom The Top
From the Sarasota Opera House!
This week's "From the Top" is the show that was recorded at the Sarasota Opera House in December! You’ll hear an 11-year-old violinist who loves to contemplate the cosmos, a 17-year-old horn player whose practice regimen has inspired a new word, and a young pianist who sleeps with her eyes open. more classical music...

LISTEN: Sunday, February 3 at 5:00 PM on WSMR 89.1 and 103.9.

Morning Edition: Dave Barry - Insane cityTo the Best of Our Knowledge
Special Superbowl Edition
This Sunday millions of us will be watching Super Bowl XLVII…that’s number 47! The Super Bowl is a spectacle of epic proportions! Feasts are laid out, fans are decked in battle attire, emotions run high! Since its beginnings in Boston school yards, football has reshaped our weekends and spawned a one day advertising frenzy. The 49ers and the Ravens meet this week to play not Vince Lombardi’s game, but the Billion Dollar Game.

LISTEN: Sunday, February 3 at 6:00 PM on WUSF 89.7

WUSF, USF receive awards for Oil Spill coverage WUSF News: Environment
USF, WUSF Receive Awards for Gulf Oil Spill Response
by Mark Schreiner
The University of South Florida and a trio of WUSF reporters are being honored for their work in response to the BP Gulf oil spill in 2010. A team of USF researchers and officials, led by Dr. William Hogarth, are among the recipients of Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Tampa Bay's STEM Catalyst Collaborative Partnerships Award.
Full Story...

MI-5: Season 8MI-5
The award-winning, sophisticated spy drama returns for a rip-roaring eighth season. The fallout from Russia's attack on London finds the team in a race against time to rescue Harry, who has been kidnapped by rogue Russian agents. But as they dig deeper into his disappearance, they find a trail that leads to Iraq, and a conspiracy that involves the CIA, MI6 and some missing weapons-grade uranium. more WUSF TV Programs...

WATCH: Tuesday, February 5 at 10:00 PM on WUSF TV

NATURE: Attenborough -  Life StoriesNATURE
Attenborough's Life Stories
In honor of Sir David Attenborough's 60th anniversary on television, this three-part miniseries focuses on three fields that Attenborough feels have been transformed most profoundly during his time: filmmaking, science and the environment. This mini-series is richly illustrated with the sequences (remastered in HD) that Attenborough has spent 60 years capturing. more WUSF TV Programs...

WATCH: Thursday, February 7 at 8:00 PM on WUSF TV
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