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WSMR Easter - The Heavens Laugh, the Earth Rings with Glory
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Straz Center: Hussain Sharma - April 5
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Antiques Roadshow: Myrtl Beach - Hr. 2Antiques Roadshow
Myrtle Beach, Hour 2
In the latest Roadshow's Most Wanted segment, Antiques Roadshow investigates a story about stolen art from South Carolina's Hobcaw Barony estate with appraiser Debra Force and a former FBI agent. Discoveries from Roadshow's visit to Myrtle Beach include an 1860 letter signed by Abraham Lincoln, a gift of crystals from Marilyn Monroe and an 1850s South Carolina sword valued at $30,000-$40,000. more WUSF TV Programs...

WATCH: Friday, March 29 at 8:00 PM on WUSF TV

Metroppolitan Opera: Diana Damrau in LaTraviataMetropolitan Opera
Verdi's La Traviata
It’s an early start this week with our live broadcast of Verdi’s La Traviata, conducted by Yannick Nézet-Séguin in his first Met performance of the Verdi tragedy. This run of performances also marks Diana Damrau’s first time ever singing the role of the courtesan Violetta. [Photo: Diana Damrau] more classical music...

LISTEN: Saturday, March 30 at 12:30 PM on WSMR 89.1 and 103.9

Sound Opinions: The StrokesSound Opinions
Sound Opinions celebrates baseball's Opening Day with musical Grand Slams: Four knockout albums in a row. Plus they review the new record from New York garage rockers The Strokes. [Photo: The Strokes]

LISTEN: Saturday, March 30 at 2:00 PM on WUSF 89.7
Thad Jones Saturday Night Jazz with Bob Seymour
Mad About Thad: The Sound of Thad Jones
Thad Jones came from a great musical family in Detroit, the brother of Hank and Elvin Jones. A gifted trumpeter, he also became one of the most prominent composers for jazz orchestra, from the Count Basie Band to the band he founded with Mel Lewis, which continues today as the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra. We'll celebrate Thad's sound and 90th birthday this week. [Photo: Thad Jones] more jazz...

LISTEN: Saturday, March 30 at 10:00 PM on WUSF 89.7

Mississippi Delta From SpaceThe Mighty Mississippi with Trevor McDonald
Sir Trevor sets out on an epic journey through the heartland of the USA following the course of its most famous and important river, the Mississippi. This week he's in the Deep South where he discovers that the legacy from the days of slavery still affects life there today. Sir Trevor concludes his journey as he travels through the Midwest States, stopping first in St. Louis where he meets one of America's richest baseball teams.
more WUSF TV Programs...

WATCH: Sunday, March 31 at 8:00 PM on WUSF TV

Composer's DatebookComposer's Datebook
Join us weekday mornings at 7:00 AM for the Composer's Datebook. This daily feature gives you timely and intriguing information about composers of the past and present…with wonderful musical examples, of course! more classical music...

LISTEN: Weekday mornings at 7:00 AM on WSMR 89.1 and 103.9

Ad Urges FL to Turn Down Federal Medicaid Funds WUSF News: Health News Florida
Ad Urges FL to Turn Down Federal Medicaid Funds
by Carol Gentry
A small-business lobbying group has launched a TV and online ad campaign to persuade Floridians to reject an estimated $51 billion in federal funds over the next decade -- money that would provide health coverage to about 1 million of the state's uninsured. Full Story...

Morning Edition: The Race Card Project SeriesMorning Edition
The Race Card Project Series
NPR's Michele Norris has developed The Race Card Project to gather conversations about race and cultural identity from everyday people. Individuals are invited to write a six-word sentence that describes their personal experiences and insights, with the opportunity to explain the reasons or stories behind their one sentence “essay.”

LISTEN: Beginning Monday, April 1 at 5:00 AM on WUSF 89.7

An Original DuckumentaryNATURE
An Original DUCKumentary
Working with Hummingbirds producer Ann Prum, NATURE features another popular, beautiful and fascinating bird - the duck. The story follows a wood duck family and discovers how a male and female create a bond, migrate together across thousands of miles, nurture and protect a brood of chicks and come full circle as they head to their wintering grounds. more WUSF TV Programs...

WATCH: Thursday, April 4 at 8:00 PM on WUSF TV
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