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The Exhibit

Like a trip through history - documenting cabinets of curiosity, sideshows, medical preparations and taxidermy - this show celebrates all that is anomalous, obscure and unusual. Part of the oddity of the show is the materials - where you’d expect to find an animal skull you’ll now find an intricately crafted glass sculpture. Where you’d expect to find preserved flesh you’ll now find wood, plastic and metal. Artists are encouraged to explore new materials, collaborate with other artists they have not worked with and to fully explore the odd nature of their own work. Nothing is what it seems.

Vision Statement

Some of the most compelling aspects of life are also the most unusual. The human inclination to collect, and in particular to collect the unusual - the forbidden - is as old as written history. Trade in taxidermy, skulls, teeth, obscure medical instrumentation, secret society ephemera and freaks of nature hit a high point in Victorian times - but the interest in these same materials is on an upswing again. Popular television shows bring these collectors into our living rooms, and we are eating it up. Paying tribute to the passionate collector of oddities in our past, and now again in our present, Abnormality seeks to celebrate and exalt all that is peculiar and bring beautiful artwork from the shadows into the spotlight.


Mark Aeling
Scott Baker
Kevyn Bartlett
Joe Boccia
Viking Ben
W Herb Clark
Peter Connell
Ryan Cullen
Patrick Deignan
Howdy Doll
Emily Dwyer
Dysfunctional Grace Art Co
Rich Frederick
Allen “Leper” Hampton
Steve Lanier
Andrew MacArthur
Casey Paquet
Paul Paquet
Chris Parks (aka Pale Horse)
Josh Poll
Trinity Rivard
Jon Rodriguez
Missy Roll
Jason Sexton
Uprooted Creations
Dave Walker
Sean Williams
Christian Zvonik


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