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Behind His Smile - King's Entertainment and Productions

Behind the smile of success is a story. Sometimes the story is not at all what it appears. “Behind His Smile” stage production ventures into the lives of three young adult male friends. They are all striving to reach that next plateau in their journey but somewhere their story has to end in order for their legacy to begin. “Behind His Smile”, is a thought provoking, emotion stirring, and faith lifting contemporary story that all can enjoy. It is sure to bring tears of laughter and sorrow to your eyes. After experiencing this tremendous play, you are sure to leave with a new determination not to judge a “man” before you know the story “Behind His Smile”. By the end of the production, the audience will see the power of love, the benefit of persistence, and the importance of faith. In this production, we will deal with issues such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, single parenthood, forgiveness, and love.


University Area Community Development Center
14013 North 22nd Street
Tampa, FL 33613
United States

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King's Entertainment and Productions
813-324-KEAP (5237)
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