Middays with Bethany Cagle

Join Bethany Cagle every weekday at 12:00 Noon for your favorite classical selections. Bethany adds a superb touch of class to the station, and brings you the interesting stories behind the music. Listen as you go about your busy day. You’ll find Bethany is the perfect companion on the radio.

This week on Middays with Bethany Cagle

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
On the way at noon, an expressive and elegant symphony written by a teenaged Mozart. Join Bethany Cagle for Midday Mozart on Classical WSMR!
December 4, 2015 on Classical Music

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Bethany Cagle
Bethany Cagle

Classical Music Host Bethany Cagle can be heard weekday from 12:00 to 4:00 PM. She is a native of Florida who began her career in the theater and brings that sense of storytelling and artistic commitment to her music presentation.

Musical Notes from Middays with Bethany Cagle

Ekachai Jearakul
Classical guitarist Ekachai Jearakul, is coming to Sarasota straight from Thailand to open the 2016 Guitar Sarasota Internation Classical Guitar Series.  You can get to know this o...
Mihkel Poll
This January, the Sarasota Orchestra presents a program of Russian masterworks including Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 3 played by Estonian pianist Mihkel Poll. In advance of t...
The Sarasota Opera’s 2015 Fall Opera Season gets underway on October 30 with performances of Puccini’s much loved La Boheme.  You can learn all about it, and hear excerpts live fro...

This Week on Middays with Bethany Cagle

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
A childhood friend of Mozart asked him to write music for his sister’s wedding celebration. This friend and his sister were the children of Salzburg’s mayor and anything this famil...
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Join Classical WSMR this afternoon for a piano concerto that Mozart played at festivities surrounding the coronation of Leopold II. It’s a brilliant work played by the stellar pian...
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  Join us for a Mozart symphony today at noon – a work written at a time of great career stagnation for Mozart but one that didn’t hamper his creative growth! Midday Mozart is at n...

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