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Join Bethany Cagle every weekday at 12:00 Noon for your favorite classical selections. Bethany adds a superb touch of class to the station, and brings you the interesting stories behind the music. Listen as you go about your busy day. You’ll find Bethany is the perfect companion on the radio.

This week on Middays with Bethany Cagle

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
When Mozart found himself working for an unappreciative and demeaning boss, the Archbishop of Salzburg, he decided to become a freelance composer/performer in the music-loving city of Vienna. Before he left Salzburg, he wrote one last symphony for the orchestra that had been his musical home and training ground. We’ll hear that sincere goodbye symphony on today’s Midday Mozart with Bethany Cagle...
May 20, 2015 on Classical Music

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Bethany Cagle
Bethany Cagle

Classical Music Host Bethany Cagle can be heard weekday from 12:00 to 4:00 PM. She is a native of Florida who began her career in the theater and brings that sense of storytelling and artistic commitment to her music presentation.

Musical Notes from Middays with Bethany Cagle

Daniel Jordan
Sarasota Orchestra concertmaster Daniel Jordan is getting ready for a concert next Thursday in Holley Hall featuring the Mozart Violin Concerto No. 2.  But he’s going to stop by ou...
And now for something completely different… Join Bethany Cagle this Thursday for a special edition of Mid-Day Mozart on Classical WSMR 89.1 & 103.9. Her special guests were me...
Initially a few dozen music-loving amateurs shared the few instruments they had at their disposal. Rehearsals were organised in shifts so that everyone could have a turn. Today the...

This Week on Middays with Bethany Cagle

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Days before turning five years old, Mozart played his first complete piano piece having only spent a half hour learning it. Within a few months, Mozart wrote his own piano work. By...
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Mozart received a request to write a work for the oboe at a time when he was most preoccupied with composing his opera Idomeneo. But the request came from a principal musician in t...
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Violinists are grateful for the five violin concerti Mozart wrote in his teens, though they much prefer to play only the last three. These are more mature works, more showpiece-lik...

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