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Sunday Baroque allows you an opportunity each week to explore Baroque and early music (written before 1750). Composers such as Bach, Vivaldi, and Handel were the cornerstones of this era, with masterpieces including the Water Music, Royal Fireworks Music, and the Brandenburg Concertos.

Sunday Baroque celebrates the current wealth of recorded repertoire available, with great performances by yesterday's and today's best performers.


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George Frideric Handel,
Johann Joachim Quantz: virtuosic flute music
Sunday Baroque Listings: February 22, 2015

Hour 1:
Why is there so much anonymous music? Well, there are many reasons – it was considered inappropriate for some people to engage in such a vulgar activity as writing music, because of their social standing or gender, and some composers were just careless about documenting their work sufficiently. An appealing anonymous trumpet concerto is some of what you’ll hear on Sunday Baroque this weekend.

Hour 2:

George Frideric Handel’s music is an important part of the baroque era repertory. It is recognizable and powerful enough to be used frequently in the movies – and not just historical dramas. You can get ready for Sunday night’s Oscar ceremony with music by Handel featured in the movies. It’s one highlight of Sunday Baroque this week.

Hour 3:
In 1733 Georg Philipp Telemann offered a series of Chamber Music by subscription called TABLE MUSIC, and one of the many “celebrity” subscribers was George Frideric Handel. It was a financial and critical hit for Telemann! Table Music by Telemann is one of the highlights of Sunday Baroque this weekend.

Hour 4:
A definitive book from the 1700s called ON PLAYING THE FLUTE gave advice that any musician could relate to. Sweaty palms? Wipe your hands on your powdered wig! OK, maybe that’s a little dated but it was a comprehensive guide to being a baroque era instrumentalist – and you can still buy a copy today. Quantz also composed virtuosic flute music, and you can hear some of it this week on Sunday Baroque.

February 22, 2015 On Classical WSMR 89.1

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