Contemporary Issues in Understanding Summer Sales

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QUAID has been having an amazingly successful 2014 so far and we are starting to plan for the future. We have been operating in the smaller project space at Tempus Projects but Tempus is preparing to fully expand into that part of the building next year. We have been fortunate enough to sell much more work than we expected to in the first half of 2014, but we have been working with a budget of almost zero dollars and we need to raise extra funds to be able to continue through the end of 2015 in a new location.

“Contemporary Issues in Understanding Summer Sales” will be our first fundraising effort. “Contemporary Issues” will be a group show of work from the gallery cooperative members where every piece will be under $100. We aren’t filling the gallery with small, minor, or old works, instead for one night only we will be installing a show of work that would usually be priced much higher than $100.

Every purchase will be a giant step to our continued existence and to a more permanent location. Take advantage of this sale, and be a part of serious, progressive, and fun contemporary art in Tampa!


4636 N Florida Ave
Tampa, FL 33603
United States

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