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6 Consecutive Weeks (no class Sept. 17) | This class focuses on improving fine-art digital printing for students of all levels. While the class will be primarily using Epson inkjet printers, the concepts and theory will apply to any photo quality printer. Concentration will be on inkjet printing with color pigments as well as black and white printing ink on coated and rag papers. Discussions will also include an exploration of the aesthetics iof the digital print: - what makes a print "beautiful"? - how do new technologies enhance our notion of the photograph? - is it important to only imitate traditional photographic processes or should there be other creative outputs with new technology? Students will understand the theory and practice of several unusual techniques of creating prints and will be exposed to the following ideas and concepts: - understanding the carbon piezography technique - understanding color management workflow, from capture to output - understanding the concept of tonal and gamma range in color prints - understanding how paper and ink choices affect the quality and artistic sensibilities of a print - understanding how to convert digital files into black and white prints with a high dynamic range - understanding the processes of printing of alternate substrates such as bamboo, canvas, metal, and mulberry paper Students may use film or digital files in this class and students of all levels are welcome.


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