Dj Dream's Goth Nights' Goth Style showcase/fest at Sacred Grounds Coffee House

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Djxdream's Goth Style showcase/fest at GOTH NIGHTS at Sacred Grounds Coffee House this Sunday December 16th, starts 7:30PM~! Goth Nights is a comfortable clubbing unique experience of dance and snackbar with lighting&film most Sunday Nights .. across from Busch Gardens at 4819 E. Busch Blvd, Tampa 33617/No Cover {drink purchase and Dj tip essential} ... Dec 16th's show: Goth Style showcase/fest by Dj Dream features Goth related artisans and freelancers .. A full variety of participation: Clothing such as Anarchist Closet, LMT provided short chair massage offers, makeup/nails, chainmail, accents and accessories for Gothic, Industrial, and Steampunk, with art and photography likely among MORE networking and shopping while dancing at this unique party. A Welcome to the public to network your own Goth related contact info and wear your style as well (is limited to relative artisans and small businesses, not organisations 0or performers). [No liabilites assumed by Goth Nights Djs, ownership of Sacred Grounds Coffee House, or fest participants]. Facebook: Goth Nights at Sacred Grounds Coffee House [concert/venue]. -!!Merry Gothmas! ~Dj Dream and Mom Midnight~ Future Goth Nights: Dec23,30,Jan13&20..check Facebook.


Goth Nights at Sacred Grounds Coffee House
4819 E Busch Blvd ~across from Busch Gardens Amusement Park/2blx west of 56 St /Temple Terrace-Tampa ~
Tampa, FL 33617
United States

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Dj Dream's Goth Nights at Sacred Grounds Coffee House

Facebook: Goth Nights at Sacred Grounds Coffee House (concert/venue page) ... This is a unique comfortable clubbing experience most Sunday nights from 8pm~past midnight for all ages~everyone.. it is at USF's haunt of over 17yrs non-alcohol, authentic coffee house experience by unique music/dance caregivers Dj Dream and mom Midnight !! Come enjoy the holdiays with us and experience, network while shopping and dancing this Sunday night Dec16th! Future show updates on Facebook: Goth Nights at Sacred Grounds Coffee House {by Djxdream) (concert/venue page). Upcoming shows Dec16,23,30,Jan 13&20th. !Merry Gothmas!~Dj Dream and Mom Midnight

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Goth Nights at Sacred Grounds > No Cover/tips needed.
Funding is essential via your tips to Dj Dream personally, please continue the fun by funding to her for her required necessities. Sacred Grounds snackbar/coffee goods are available all during Goth Nights as well with essential of purchase of one drink at minimum. You pay much more for much less other places. Come enjoy an artistic musical escape with us as others do often!!
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