Clearwater Audubon Birdwalk

Fort De Soto County Park Birdwatching Walk
Sponsored by Clearwater Audubon Society
Meet at the Fort De Soto ranger station at the entrance to the park.
Contact: Lynn Sumerson, 727-596-8822

Join Clearwater Audubon on a great bird watching trip to Fort De Soto. Did you know that this huge park has a tremendous variety of migratory songbirds, raptors, wading and shore birds? It is a key stop for migrants that have crossed the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico and full of natural beauty and surprises. This walk includes birding the causeway and shoreline drive in addition to walking about 2 miles on Tampa Bay’s north shore. Bring your binoculars and field guides if you have them! For more information:
Small fee to enter the park.

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