"Preacher's Sons"

This is the cinema verité story of five irrepressible but troubled boys pulled from the train wreck of foster care and the two articulate men who are now their fathers, and their moving metamorphosis into a solid family unit. It is also a lively road picture, as Unitarian Universalist minister Greg Stewart leads his fledgling tribe from their Los Angeles home to spend four years living under siege in the conservative heartland.

Middle America is hostile territory to this unconventional family. Preacher's Sons invites you to accompany them on their trying journey and experience the courage and humor that enable them to meet the extraordinary challenges of everyday life.

* See the boys test their dad's parenting skills.
* Watch the daily grind wear on Greg and Stillman and their relationship of 25+ years.
* Follow with admiration and awe or perhaps shock and awe as Stillman and Greg struggle to create their own forever family.

No matter what you think about same-gender parenting, your assumptions will be challenged as you watch this compelling story unfold over the course of five years. The Stewarts are an unconventional family, with surprisingly conventional values. Their odyssey is intimate and moving; but it exists within a wider context of the national debate over same-sex marriage and adoption. This film presents a rich body of evidence that encourages thoughtful discussion of these hot-button topics.

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