Fantasy of Flight's "Legends & Legacies: Beyond the Battlefield"

Fantasy of Flight’s Legends & Legacies Series continues with "Beyond the Battlefield." Guests will hear first hand accounts from an elite panel, included a member of the Women Airfoce Service Pilots (WASP), whose wartime experience prepared them to lead a life of leadership. In this symposium Fanasty of Flight will honor a few who took their harrowing experiences and continued to succeed over adversity; embracing every opportunity to inspire others. Join us as we feature extraordinary people including original WASP, and history makers of today. This event features an open-forum/question-and-answer session as well as meet/greet and autograph signing.


Fantasy of Flight
1400 Broadway Blvd. S.E.
Polk City, FL 33868
United States

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Event is included in the price of general admission which is $29.95 for adults, $27.95 for seniors ages 55 and over and $15.95 for children, ages 6-15, plus 7 percent sales tax.
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