History of Photography

Class Type: Workshops
Available Dates: Mar 6 - Mar 13
Instructor: Pierre Dutertre
Ages: All
Standard Price: $85.00
Member Price: $60.00

Description: This is a key course: a two-hour succinct presentation of the history of the medium with an emphasis on the stylistic movements of the past centuries, as well as its processes. As photographers living and working in the post-modernism period of the medium, it is crucial to know how photography evolved, both in terms of technology as well as creatively. It can be argued, and well supported, that nothing we do today is new, or has not been done successfully before, sometimes over 150 years ago. By understanding the traits, styles and intentions of the past and contemporary masters of the medium, we can clearly establish influences that will drive our own creative efforts, and help us in the process to ground ourselves in these most exciting times we live in. If anything, it is important to know were we have all been before we can establish were we are going now. 2 sessions: 7:00pm - 9:00pm. Look to FMoPA for the best Photography Classes in Tampa!


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