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Surya Kriya

Springing from Sadhguru's deep understanding of the human system, Isha's Hata program is designed for one to attain a certain mastery over the body and mind. The program will introduce Surya Kriya, a potent 21-step yogic practice of tremendous antiquity, traditionally available to a select few. "Surya" means "Sun," and KrIYA" means "inner energy process." Designed as a holistic process for helath, wellness and inner wellbeing, Surya Kriya is a complete spiritual process by itself. Surya Kriya activates the solar plexus within the system and balances a person's energies, leading to stability fo the body and stillness of the mind. This strong foundation becomes the basis to explore higher dimensions of life.

Surya Kriya is being offered by Sadhguru as a comprehensive spiritual practice that is ideal for the hectic pace of today's world.

Regular practice of Hata Yoga offers the following benefits:
• Brings balance to your body, mind and energies
• Creates an atmosphere where one's body becomes a stepping stone for personal progress
• Helps to alleviate arthritis asthma, hypertension, migraines and additions
• Helps you become meditative and experience a state of peacefulness and joy


Mary Martha Center, 2nd Floor
Christ the King Catholic Church 717 South Dale Mabry Hwy
Tampa, FL 33609
United States

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Isha Foundation

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