Piano Jazz with Marian McPartland

For more than 30 years, Marian McPartland brought us illuminating visits with artists from the jazz world and beyond. These hours of music and conversation form a rich broadcast legacy only Marian could have created. It's an invaluable archive we sample from every Saturday evening on WUSF, your NPR station.

This week on Piano Jazz with Marian McPartland

Sergio Salvatore
Sergio Salvatore was only 14-years-old when he was McPartland’s guest 20 ago, but he was already making the jazz world sit up and take notice. This young composer, pianist, and improviser is a natural. He has gone on to partner with virtuoso vibraphonist Christos Rafalides, with whom he released the critically acclaimed Dark Sand. On this 1996 edition of Piano Jazz, he solos on his own “Revolving...
January 31, 2016 on WUSF 89.7, on Jazz

Sunday 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM on WUSF 89.7

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Marian McPartland

Jazz legend Marian McPartland continues to showcase the world's top musicians on NPR's longest-running and most widely carried jazz program, Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz.

Born Margaret Marian Turner in 1918 in Windsor, England, Marian began to teach herself Chopin waltzes on the piano by ear when she was only three years old. She later pursued classical training at London's Guildhall School of Music before joining a four-piano vaudeville act, traveling throughout Europe during World War II to entertain the Allied troops.

While on tour in Belgium, she met and began to perform with her future husband, famed Chicago cornetist Jimmy McPartland. In the U.S. after the... Read More...

Musical Notes from Piano Jazz with Marian McPartland

Hilton Ruiz
Hilton Ruiz (1952 – 2006) was a jazz pianist in the Afro-Cuban and bebop styles. Born to Puerto Rican parents in New York, he became known as a child prodigy and as a teenager gigg...

This Week on Piano Jazz with Marian McPartland

Marian McPartland
A florid, flamboyant pianist, Bobby Enriquez (1943–1996) was called “the Wild Man of jazz,” a reference to his karate-like attack with fists, elbows, and palms hitting the keyboard...
Jane Ira Bloom
A supreme soprano sax player, Jane Ira Bloom is known for her innovative use of movement and her high-energy compositions. Her debut album, Modern Drama, caught the attention of NA...
Max Roach
Being a legendary drummer was only part of Max Roach’s musical personality; he was also an accomplished composer and storyteller. On this 1998 Piano Jazz, Roach (1924 – 2007) relat...

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