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You may have noticed that classical and jazz listings on reflect the current piece on the air and those played earlier that hour. This is a legal restriction placed upon WUSF by the music industry (specifically the agreement between public radio and Sound Exchange.) The agreement states " cannot publish or distribute a program schedule or list of the titles of the specific sound recordings that will be transmitted in advance...". In order for WUSF to abide by this law, we're unable to provide advance listings of the music broadcast on the station or streamed on the web site. We regret that we can no longer provide you with this service.

Music Listings for Sunday, August 02, 2015

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  12:07 AM  Benny Green   Phoebe's Samba   Live in Santa Cruz!   Sunnyside
  12:11 AM  Charenee Wade   Song of the Wind   Offering:...Gil Scott-Heron   Motema
  12:19 AM  Peter Lerner   Minority   Cry For Peace   blujazz
  12:27 AM  George Cables   Naima's Love Song   In Good Company   High Note
  12:34 AM  Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra   Evidence   Live at MCG   MCG
  12:40 AM  Brian Charette   Disco Nap   Alphabet City   Positone

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