State to 3 School Boards - Shape Up or Ship Principal Out


The state plans to withhold millions of dollars from the school districts in Duval, Miami-Dade and Orange counties because each has had repeated failing schools and not met state mandated reforms.

Florida Education Commissioner John Winn says one of the most contentious reforms is the state's insistence that principals have a proven record of turning around failing schools.

WINN: We're not going to take over the job of appointing principals our role is to ensure that a high-performing principal is in place. That is not something that we're taking over the actual hiring of the principal.

But, if mandated changes are not made including the appointment of new principals at the failing schools - the entire school district will lose discretionary funding - that's millions of state dollars set aside for pilot programs, technology and research.

Additionally, the state will withhold an amount equal to the superintendent's salary. The districts have until August 7th to comply before losing their funding.

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