Sarasota High Restoration to Begin Soon

Sarasota High

It's been years in the making - the idea of adapting and reusing the historic Sarasota High School.

Now, there's a study detailing how to transform the bottom floor into a modern art museum and the upper floors into a visual arts education.

And Deb Metheny with Sarasota Public Schools says there's grant money to begin work.

METHENY: So, we'll be in these next several months initiating restorations on the historical loggias of the building which are quite dramatic. And we'll be able to put in an ADA accessibility ramp so we're beginning to see some progress in creating an adaptive reuse for that beautiful, beautiful building.

The school district will lease the 1926 building to The Ringling School of Art and Design and the Sarasota Museum of Art. They will raise the estimated $20-million for the complete restoration.

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