Two School Districts Face Financial Sanctions


The school districts in Orange and Miami-Dade counties are the first in the state to face financial penalties for not improving student achievement at repeat failing schools.

The state gave district superintendents until last week to meet 26 state requirements for improvement or face having the equivalent of their pay withheld from state funding.

Board member Donna Callaway challenged Miami-Dade Superintendent Rudy Crew on why his district has yet to comply with all mandates.

CALLAWAY: Remind me how many years this has been a crisis. CREW: It's never been been anything beyond an 'F,' as I understand it.

The board seemed particularly vexed that Crew had refused to replace the principal of Jackson Senior High School, an 'F' school.

Sanctions were brought against Orange County schools until it can prove that several reading and math teachers meet state standards.

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