State Department of Health Keeping Tabs on Doctors

Rony Francois

Rony Francois says he's proud of expanding health care coverage to lower-income people, particularly women and minorities. Earlier this year, the Florida Department of Health hosted its first-ever Women's Health Care Conference. But Francois says he has given special attention to keeping unqualified doctors and nurses away from patients.

FRANCOIS: To me, this is the high road. We ought to have standards for health care professionals. And so when your family gets sick, it's not a drunk person who shows up to take care of your wife, or sister in labor.

Francois says in the past year, there has been a 22 percent increase in the number of disciplinary cases brought against health care professionals. He says there has also been an increase of 23 percent in the number of cases of those practicioners who have been 'seriously disciplined.'

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