Fallen Deputy Celebrated with Laughter, Tributes


Deputy Matt Williams' wife and three children sat in the front row of Lakeland's Victory Church almost within reach of his flag draped coffin.

In a ceremony filled with music and remembrances - there was also laughter like when Deputy Mike Evans referred to his fallen friend as a master engineer.

EVANS: If its broke, he can fix it. And if he can't fix it, he'll tear it apart and put aside the shop until he can figure out what to do with it.

Williams' was also a perpetual jokester - according to his Supervisor Jim Bryan

BRYAN: When he first got this dog that he had, he told me his name was Diogi. I said Diogi, How do you spell that?' And he said, D-O-G.' Laughter.

In a more somber moment, Sheriff Grady Judd told the deputy's wife that people will sleep peacefully tonight because of her husband.

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