Wesley Snipes Indicted on Tax Fraud


Wesley Snipes has been indicted on federal tax fraud charges.

Prosecutors in Tampa say the actor tried to cheat the government out of 12 (m) million dollars in fraudulent refund claims, and that he didn't file tax returns for six years.

The agency accuses Snipes and two others of conspiring in a fraudulent scheme that contended Snipes' only taxable income was on foreign-based activities, and not the money he made in the U-S.

Snipes could get five years on each of two counts in the eight-count indictment. He also could be sentenced to a year in prison on each of six charges of failing to file returns, for a total of 16 years.

Snipes appeared in the ``Blade' movies, as well as in ``White Men Can't Jump' and in ``New Jack City.'

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