Sarasota Works to Salvage Baseball Deal


The City and County of Sarasota are in a bind. By the end of this year, they must complete a complex package of deals and agreements to build a new baseball stadium for the Cincinnati Reds or face the loss of a $15 million state grant.

Things were going well, then a land deal fell through and time is running out. Their eyes moved to 90 prime acres controlled by the cattlemen and citrus growers who run the Sarasota County Fair. Rory Martin is their chairman.

MARTIN: You know there's a saying that good, fast and cheap - you can only have two. And they're wanting fast, so either it's not going to be cheap or it's not going to be good. So, we'll see what comes of this.

For years the board of county commissioners rebuffed the fair board's appeals for help to upgrade the fair ground property. The last-minute press didn't sit well with most of the members, but they agreed to continue discussions.

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