Signs at Polling Places Violate State Law


Florida used to have a law that allowed for replacement candidates names to be put on the ballot up to three weeks before an election.

That law was replaced in 2005 with a law that prohibits name changes after the primary election.

That's created a problem for Congressional Republican candidate Joe Negron. He was selected to run in place of Mark Foley who resigned after sending suggestive messages to under-age pages.

To educate voters on the change, the Florida Secretary of State proposed posting signs that stated a vote for Foley means a vote for Negron. Attorney Pete Antonacci represents the state.

ANTONACCI: that doesn't mean that the ballot is going to be changed. That means the voters should be treated with respect and provided the information that they expect from their election officials.

But the Democratic Party challenged the egality of those signs that would have included the name of Democratic candidate Tim Mahoney.

A circuit judge ruled that Florida law does not permit signs at polling places and further wrote that lawmakers had a chance to allow for clarification signage when they changed the election law - but chose not to.

he state elections division and the Republican candidate are expected to appeal the ruling.

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