New Poll Shows Davis Creeping Up On Crist

Jim Davis

The poll by Connecticut-based Quinnipiac University shows Tampa's Jim Davis has captured a large portion of undecided voters. The new survey of about eight hundred voters shows State Attorney General Charlie Crist of St. Petersburg with 46 percent of the potential vote, with 44 percent leaning toward Davis. That's a statistical dead heat.

Peter Brown is assistant director of the polling institute.

BROWN: I think this reflects the fact that Jim Davis has finally been able to introduce himself to most Floridians. Television is the great equalizer. It is only recently that Jim Davis has been on television with advertising. That, combined with the fact that there is something of an anti-Republican wave going on around the country.

Brown says the new poll shows that Davis is gaining ground only from undecided voters . And Crist wins a solid majority of male voters, while Davis has an edge with female voters.

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