Amendment 3 - Supermajority Needed to Amend Constitution


Florida is one of only 24 states that allow ballot initiatives.

It's a process that Florida legislators want to limit, saying it's been misused by special interest groups that have campaigned for initiatives like restricting hog farming and mandating a bullet train.

Yet a reporter with - Christine Vestal - says Florida's constitution is not out of line, compared to other states.

VESTAL: Florida has a typical constitution - it doesn't have a large number of amendments. The prize goes to Alabama - it has 743 amendments. The national average is 116.

Vestal says Florida has a relatively low number of ballot initiatives compared to western states like Oregon, California and Arizona.

But Florida lawmakers want to make the initiative process even tougher. The legislature put Amendment 3 on the ballot. If passed - it would require a 60% vote for the approval of all future constitutional amendments.

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