New Poll Says Black Voters Fear They Won't Get Counted


New ballot machines are meant to ensure every vote is counted. Stricter ID laws ensure that only properly registered voters vote, and only once. Yet 64 percent of African American voters are not sure their vote will be counted, says Terence Samuel, AOL Black Voices Political & News Programming Director.

SAMUEL: Out of that, you see the concern among some Democrats and the hope among some Republicans that maybe African-Americans will not always act how they feeling about this election and show up. And it goes back to the 2000 election about which votes get counted. Certainly in Florida, that's a big issue.

Even with that concern, the poll shows most African-Americans feel that their individual vote does matter.

SAMUEL: If that turns into higher turnout, then the Democrats do have a chance to take back the Congress.

Results of this poll can be found on the Ipsos Public Affairs website.

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