Alex Sink is Florida's New Chief Financial Officer


Alex Sink thanked all of her supporters, staff, and family in her victory speech. A room full of supporters cheered and applauded as Sink spoke. They had waited all night to hear her victory speech. Sink said her crew worked hard on a campaign, sometimes without pay, because they believed in her.

Sink, the former Florida President of Bank of America, says that she is prepared to go to work.

SINK: I'm ready for it. I am going to be able to look you in the eyes four years from now and say yes we are spending your money wisely and well and yes, we have resolved the insurance crises in this state.'

Sink Promises to be the CFO for all Floridians.

SINK: There is nothing R or D about the way we manage $70 billion in money that we send to Tallahassee every year.'

Sink won the state's first election for CFO by 54 to 46 percent.

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