Second Recount Begins in 13th Congressional District

Election Workers

Republican Vern Buchanan captured a few more votes in the first recount, jumping from 377 to 401. Democrat Christine Jennings challenged the state audit of the 18,000 people who voted for other races but didn't vote for the Congressional race. The audit was delayed until today.

Meanwhile, several civic groups are planning a public hearing at 6 p.m. tonight at the Sarasota Hyatt. Reggie Mitchell is Florida Legal Counsel with People for the American Way Foundation. He says they want to hear from voters who say they're vote never registered.

MITCHELL: Here's testimony from actual voters. So when the anecdote or the rationale comes up that people just weren't interested in voting, here's specific evidence of people who were interested in voting, who tried to vote, and who experienced these problems

Mitchell says his group wants to take the information from the public meeting to bring to the state legislature, asking that a paper trail be mandated for each voting machine.

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