Another Lawsuit Filed to Force A Revote in District 13

Election Workers

Yesterday, the campaign of Democrat Christine Jennings filed suit in state court to force another vote in the race for the 13th Congressional District. Today, a coalition of activist groups followed with their own lawsuit.

They want a re-vote in the four-county district that includes Sarasota, Manatee, Hardee and DeSoto counties. Rebecca Steele is with the Tampa office of the ACLU, one of the groups involved in the lawsuit.

STEELE: We are not seeking to have any one candidate declared the winner. We are merely seeking a new vote, so those people who appear to have been deprived of their right to vote in the Congressional district election will have a chance to have their votes count.

Sally Tibbets, spokeswoman for Republican Vern Buchanan, says the lawsuits are baseless.

TIBBETS: To try to hold a re-vote would disenfranchise the more than 200,000 people who voted in the election.

Few votes changed during a manual recount of Sarasota's touch-screen machines.

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