Governor-elect Comes Home for the Holiday

Charlie Crist

Lots of folks head home for the Thanksgiving holiday -- and Governor-elect Charlie Crist was no exception. He spent the day in St. Petersburg -- putting in a few hours at a local soup kitchen.

There has been some talk lately that Crist may be trying to lure St. Pete's mayor away from home. The rumor is that Rick Baker is being offered the job of Education Commissioner.

Crist said no official offer has been made -- but the idea has come up.

CRIST: There was no firm offer because we kind of felt each other out as to whether or not he had interest. And, I was hopeful he would have interest, but here we are in beautiful Tampa Bay and I can understand why he wants to stay here too. And frankly, he's honoring the wishes of the voters. And that's awfully important to remember to do. But, he's such a talented man and a good friend, a man of great integrity, so I had to at least see whether or not there might be interest in coming to Tallahassee. But, he's doing the people's work right here.

Crist spent yesterday morning at St. Vincent de Paul Center in St. Petersburg -- which typically feeds 22,000 people a month.

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