Internet Shopping Is Popular in Bay Area

Internet Shopping

When surveyed last month, Florida consumers said they plan to spend 5% more on holiday gifts compared to 2005.

And the President of the Florida Retail Federation, Rick McAllister, says where shoppers are spending that money is changing too.

MCALLISTER: Forty-three percent of the people surveyed this year said that they were going to doing some or all of their shopping on the internet.

Elsewhere bad weather makes online shopping more appealing, but that doesn't explain Florida consumers.

MCALLISTER: Forty-eight percent of the respondents in the Tampa Bay area said that they would be doing some or all of their shopping online. That's a high number, second highest in the state behind only Ft. Lauderdale. It's really happening for a couple of reasons. One is because the consumer loves to shop in their pajamas and secondly because a lot of brick and mortar people are starting to have an internet presence as well.

The retail survey reflects results from 900 Florida shoppers polled in October.

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