Audit Begins in Disputed Sarasota Congressional Race

Sarasota Recount

Officials with the Florida Division of Elections are in Sarasota for the rest of the week. They're testing machines similar to the touch-screen machines used by Sarasota County first. Next, they'll inspect the machines that many voters said did not record their votes for Congressional District 13.

Division of Elections spokesperson Jenny Nash says staffers are testing the machines by entering votes the same way voters did on Election Day.

NASH: The whole purpose of the testing is to go through a simulated election day, and then see if anything happens that shouldn't happen, anything that appears unusual or if the scenarios that we have heard about actually do happen.

The votes of about 18,000 people didn't register for the District 13 race - even though they cast ballots in the other races. Some people say they might have been turned-off by the negative tone of the campaign between Republican Vern Buchanan and Democrat Christine Jennings. But paper ballots used for absentee votes didn't have that same discrepancy.

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