Bush Calls Contempt Charges a Judicial Tantrum


Pinellas Circuit Judge Crockett Farnell said last week he's willing to send DCF Secretary Luci Hadi to jail for failing to move mentally ill inmates from the local jail after they've been judged incompetent to stand trial.

He has charged Hadi with seven counts of indirect criminal contempt.

That threat did not sit well with Governor Jeb Bush who characterized the move as a judicial tantrum.

BUSH: With all due respect to judges pounding their chests in their big, black robes up on top of a big chair looking down and castigating Secretary Hadi. They're not governor. They're not the secretary. They're not the legislature. There is a separation of powers. And I'm not a lawyer, but I do think there's an appropriate role of the judiciary and I think that some of the temper tantrums have gone too far.

Florida reportedly has some 300 mentally ill inmates - unable to stand trial - yet locked up in jail because there's no room in state mental health facilities.

Hadi is scheduled for arraignment on the contempt charges December 14th.

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