Christine Jennings Says Congress May Have to Intervene

Jennings Supporters

Christine Jennings told a group gathered on the front lawn of the Sarasota Judicial Complex that she had no idea Howard Dean was calling for another election, until she picked up the morning newspaper.

Jennings says she prefers not to have Congress call for a new election, but left that possibility open

JENNINGS: I think we should go through the court process. We are a country of laws. And we pride ourselves on that - we are a country of laws and we live by our laws. And I hope that the courts will resolve this. But if not, Congress does have the opportunity to look at this.

Leon Grzymala of North Sarasota is a registered Republican who says he has voted a straight GOP ticket since Ronald Reagan was in office. This time, he decided to vote for Jennings. But when he looked at the review screen, his vote hadn't registered.

GRZYMALA: I feel Christine has been cheated out of this election. And something should be done. We spent too much time trying to justify the integrity of the voting machines, but we should be should spending time justifying the integrity of the vote - and the voter - in this county.

The results of a state audit of Sarasota's touch-screen machines are expected in two weeks. But Jennings says she expects little satisfaction since her campaign didn't get a chance to review the proprietary computer code.

Dean said the Democratic-controlled Congress should not seat the winner, Republican Vern Buchanan, until the question of missed votes is sorted out. Buchanan is set to be sworn in on January 4th.

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