Gov. Bush Gives Final Appearance Before Educators

Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush came into office saying he wanted to become known as the education governor. Eight years later - before the Board of Education which he appointed - the governor recounted his success, like higher reading scores.

But he prodded the board to continue with what he labled as its provocative agenda, such as linking teacher pay to student scores and mandating that all ninth graders pick a major.

BUSH: I guarantee you the demands that will be created, because students and parents have the chance to choose over the next five years is going to change high schools far faster than any mandate or dictate from Tallahassee, from this board or from the legislature.

Bush then challenged the board to set world-class benchmarks.

BUSH: That means our curriculum and our standards should be world class. They shouldn't be in the upper quartile of the 50 states because it think most researchers would suggest that our standards as a country are too low.

Bush said for Florida to be competitive 10 years from now - student expectations must be raised significantly to reflect the realities of the world.

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