New Nuclear Plant Slated for Levy County

Crystal River Nuclear Plant

If it's built, it would be the first nuclear power plant to be approved since the days of Three Mile Island. Progress Energy selected a wooded site in Levy County, about eight miles from the existing nuclear plant in Crystal River.

Company spokesman Mike Hughes says the Levy County site was chosen because it's undeveloped and on higher ground than the Gulf-side Crystal River plant. He acknowledges some people may have concerns about another nuclear plant.

HUGHES: There are certainly some legacy issues in the nuclear operating experience. Most of those are perception-related issues. I believe that there are a number of reasons why a nuclear renaissance, if you will, is finding a space in our future energy plans.

Hughes says the plant is needed to handle growth anticipated in the next several decades. Progress Energy is in the process of applying for a permit with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Selecting a site is a preliminary step toward getting approval.

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