Sen. Nelson: Syria Ready to Cooperate on Iraq

Bill Nelson

Sen. Nelson held a conference call with reporters from the U.S. Embassy in Jordan. He had just come from a meeting with Syrian president Bashar Assad.

Nelson says the Iraq Study Group report prompted his fact-finding trip through the Middle East. It said the U.S. needs to open up a dialogue with Syria.

NELSON: In my meeting with Assad, he stated that we in fact have an interest, a common interest to stabilize Iraq. He agreed that there would be interest in his government's part on cooperating with the Americans andgor the Iraqi Army, to close or or control the border between the two countries.

Sen. Nelson called the discussions a 'crack in the door' in getting Syria's cooperation in stemming the flow of militants into Iraq. He will report his findings to the Senate Intelligence Committee, to which he has just been named.

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