Troxler, Garcia Fete Tiger Bay Club of Tampa

Howard Troxler

Their list of Tampa Bay's Top 10 events of the year kept the Tiger Bay audience on their toes - and sometimes a little irritated.

St. Petersburg Times columnist Howard Troxler refuted several arguments by audience members that the media is to blame for emphasizing negative stories. As an example, he mentioned that stories about the Hillsborough Expressway Authority didn't make a huge splash until the executive director was connected with a company that makes pornography.

TROXLER: These guys come out and say, let's go out and carve up seven counties with this big expressway to help development and get a lot of people rich and clog the whole thing up some more. Let's have some secret meetings. Let's have some self-dealing, we'll have our own contracting, we'll do a lot over the cell phone, we'll do all this stuff - and none of this matters. That's not where the big investigations and everything. But you get the gay porn in there - which is the only legal thing they've done, I think.

Troxler appeared alongside Wayne Garcia, who writes about politics for Creative Loafing.

Garcia looked back at the recent campaign for governor and gave his reason why St. Petersburg's Charlie Crist bested Tampa's Jim Davis.

GARCIA: I think voters were given some pretty clear choices this year, and in Crist's case, he just was a better politician. He's a better charismatic person when you meet him than when you'd meet Jim. I mean I'd want to talk policy with Jim, but Charlie would send me a letter after saw me crossing the street that says, 'Saw you crossing the street the other day.'

Politics and news of the sometimes strange goings-on in the Tampa Bay area rounded out the pair's Top Ten list of events of the year.

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