Christmas Clean-up: Conservation ideas for Next Year

Tmapa, FL -

According to a web site called ', Americans toss out more trash during the period between Thanksgiving and New Year than any other time of the year. Website founder, Bob Lilienfeld says that waste amounts to about a million extra tons per week heading for the landfills. He is encouraging people to give experiential gifts this season, because they create less waste.

LILIENFELD: If I ask you what are the two or three things you remember most about holidays, when you were a child, youre going to tell me its things like, I remembered when Grandma baked something or when we all showed up at somebodys house and something funny happened. Its probably not going to be that youre going to tell me I remembered my second Barbie doll.

Lilienfeld is giving his young teenage daughter an i-tunes gift card this year. He says he knows she loves the music and the tiny plastic card is rechargeable. His web site can be found at

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