Riverwalk Update

Tampa, FL -

Tampas Riverwalk is envisioned as a link for residents and tourists alike to enjoy the downtown waterfront. So far, its development has been mostly on paper and behind the scenes. Lee Hoffman is managing the city project.

HOFFMAN: 1020 Ive got 20% complete and 40% of the remaining riverwalk the developers are stepping up. so Ive got 40% remaining. If you look at it like that 2.2 miles is just a mile and half or so. So were making good progress.

Construction bids for the Platt Street link will be opened January 9th. And Hoffman says the Tampa Heights project developers have made the Water Works Park a priority.

HOFFMAN: prep wusf10.csv wusf_articles.csv wusf_articles_fixed.csv wusf_articles_tidle.csv wusf_content.csv wusf_fmteasers1.csv 1210 thats in design and if everything goes well that could be under construction next summer.

He says there are only three Riverwalk sections left not being designed or buildt  the convention center, Cass Street Bridge and the Kennedy Plaza.

A map of the Riverwalk and its progress is available on the citys web site.

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