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Tallahassee, FL -

The National Organization for Women in Orlando is leading the effort to answer the familiar 'Choose Life' license plate with one supporting the 'pro-choice' side.

On January 5, NOW will kick off its statewide conference in Orlando by unveiling the winning design for a pro-choice license plate.

Currently, there are more than 40-thousand cars in Florida with the 'Choose Life' plate, which helps to raise money for pro-life causes.

After the design for the pro-choice plate is picked, NOW will be required to do three things -- raise 60-thousand dollars for the application fee, gather at least 30-thousand petition signatures from people interested in having the plate, and get a state lawmaker to sponsor the plate in the legislature.

According to NOW, one of those conditions has already been met. Scott Randolph, the Democrat who recently won the 36th district in Orlando, has agreed to sponsor the pro-choice plate when it's ready to be introduced in Tallahassee.

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