Bay Area May Benefit from Charlie Crist's Governorship

Charlie Crist

As she was sitting in the inauguration crowd at the State Capitol in Tallahassee, Susan MacManus was struck by the fact that three Cabinet officials are from the Tampa Bay area. The USF political science guru says it looks like Tampa Bay's the 'breeding ground' for statewide elected officials.

MacMANUS: He does have a lot of loyal followers, and if you look at it, a lot of the people who served on his transition team are from the area, so he has a more in-depth understanding of the Tampa Bay area, and that could only benefit the area when he's governor. It's certainly the case that familiarity does make it easier for you to understand when things need to be done in your home town.

MacManus says Crist's ascendency to the governor's mansion can only mean more projects near and dear to the Tampa Bay area will get funding from Tallahassee.

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