Minimum-Wage Workers Get New Year's Bonus

Minimum Wage

The New Year will begin with a new Florida minimum wage: $6.67 an hour. That's a 27-cent increase from the current minimum wage.

Florida voters passed a constitutional amendment in 2004 that required Florida's minimum wage to be a dollar higher than the national wage, and make additional adjustments for inflation.

It's up to Florida's Agency for Workforce Innovation to calculate the new wage each year.

Critics say the minimum wage - then and now - is not enough for a single-working parent to get by on. Others say it's meant as a starting wage that more typically affects students and part-time workers.

Herb Cornblaugh owns a 'salad and smoothie shop' outside Ft. Lauderdale. He told NPR News that the minimum makes little difference.

CORNBLAUGH: It's irrelevant. We've never paid people the minimum wage, because you can't get good help for minimum wage.

Less than 2 percent of Florida's workforce works at the minimum wage.

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